TRENDitFacebook TRENDit SPECIAL!  Sign up with TRENDit for 6 months and ONLY pay R500 per month!

FB only! T&Cs Apply!

HOW much to; TRENDit?

Basic outline, you are welcome to come and have a chat or email, as I am ALWAYS negotiable.

Month to Month (FB incl Twitter) = R750 pm

4 Month Contract (FB incl Twitter) = R700 pm

6 Months Contract (FB incl Twitter) = R600 pm

12 Months Contract (FB incl Twitter) = R600 pm x 11 (12th Month FREE)

Payable monthly in advance!

What does that get you?
A (week)Daily post to your FaceBook Page
A (week)Daily Tweet
1 x FaceBook Page Cover / Header,
… which can be emailed to you and you can use in email marketing, BONUS!

All of this ensures that your business connections and fans are kept updated about what’s happening in your business.
I also try to post your page in relevant groups, so your business’ general online visibility increases, which could potentially you expand your client base, and in turn your turnover.

Extra Social Media Platform eg LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest; add R200 per Month per Platform

Extra Artwork is charged at R350 per hour.